I-Lin Wang
I-Lin Wang, Professor
Department of Industrial & Information Management
National Cheng Kung University
No.1 University Rd.
Tainan, 701
TEL: +886-6-2757575 ext 53123
FAX: +886-6-2362162
email: ilinwang at mail.ncku.edu.tw
URL: http://ilin.iim.ncku.edu.tw
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I am interested in solving optimization problems, developing efficient and effective algorithms to solve easy/difficult/fundamental/challenging optimization problems. In general, problems that are easy/fundamental in fact are also "difficult" or "challenging" since it will take much more efforts to have some new breakthroughs or contributions. (Yet I am still enjoying doing it, that's why I have done something in shortest paths and max-flows.)

The research topics I have done, been doing, or will do cover the following applications & techniques:

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Since 2003 until now (2015 fall), 33 master students (doing master theses), 5 groups of undergraduate students (doing projects) have graduated under my supervision. Fortunately enough, these master students have received 30 awards and undergraduate students have received 7 awards in paper/thesis/project competitions hosted by the OR Society of Taiwan (ORSTW), Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineering (CIIE), DHL, Chinese Management Association, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Of all the awards I and my students have received so far, I am most glad to lead a team "NCKU" that has won the INFORMS RAS competition awards for 4 times: Honorable mentions in 2010, 2013, the 3rd place in 2011, and the 2nd place in 2014.

For details, go to Research page.

!!Great News!!
Team NCKU, lead by me, has received the 2nd place award of the INFORMS RAS 2014 Problem Solving Competition! We are the first team of 4-time winner, since we have also won the honorable mentions in 2010 & 2013, and the 3rd place in 2011 Problem Solving Competition!
I-Lin Wang
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